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 Finished projects

  • 9. Workshop by the working group for the Early Modern Period

  • Encyclopaedia of the Modern Era: 16 volumes with over 4000 key words illuminate the facts and developments from 400 years of history between 1450 and 1850.

  • Construction and argumentation of the ancient times in North America, 1763 - 1809

  • Concurrent models in dynastic Europe Bourbon – Habsburg – House of Orange-Nassau 1700 under the title “Concurrent models in dynastic Europe.” Bourbon – Habsburg – House of Orange-Nassau 1700“ took place from the 19th to 21st of October at the Phillips University of Marburg in the form of an interdisciplinary symposium, organised by Prof. Dr. Christoph Kampmann and Dr. Anuschka Tischer (History of the Early Modern Period) and Prof. Dr. Katharina Krause and Dr. Eva-Bettina Krems (Art History). The symposium was funded by the Fritz-Thyssen foundation and by the Ursula Kuhlmann fund.

  • Memories or rulers and political norms in the early modern period

  • Publication of previously unseen private letters from the American war of independence (1776-1783)

  • Cooperation model between Sinti and Roma