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Media history

The history of media not only researches the emergence and rapid differentiation of a diverse media landscape during the early modern period, but also the resulting processes of the mediatisation of society and the development of a medial and political public. In print and image media, newspapers and magazines, information, ideas and discourse on political, societal and increasingly also technical topics were exchanged, circulated and recorded in other media and relayed beyond territorial borders. In early modern media, communication processes could be traced and the political languages and semantics linked with these as well as contemporary perceptions and debates over various social, cultural, historical ideological and political events and phenomena could be reconstructed. In Marburg, there is a particular interest in the complex relationships and modes of action between media, politics and the public, for example, in the media’s portrayal of peace or the reception and assessment of political events.

Literature: Kampmann, Arbiter; Schmidt-Voges, New Worlds;

Projects: DFG “Media Constructions of Peace”