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Specialised research areas / Transregio 138: “Dynamics of Security. Forms of securitisation from a historical perspective”

Researchers from both the university of Marburg and Gießen as well as the Herder Institute for Historical Central-Eastern European Research have been working on the topic of “Dynamics of security. Forms of securitisation from a historical perspective” since April 2014 in SFB/TRR 138. They are researching how the history of the notions of security developed and how these have been translated into political processes. The key focus is the representation and production of security processes which presuppose each other and the relationship of which in historically diverse dynamics and process structures should be researched. These dynamic processes are defined by the SFB/TRR 138 as securitisation.

SFB/TRR138 uses research approaches from political sciences, specifically the model of securitisation by the Copenhagen School of International Relationships and developed these from a historical perspective. Therefore, for the first time, the research association carried out a comprehensive analysis of the political dynamics with which the securitisation processes or the opposing desecuritisation processes are linked - including their ambivalences and dialectics.

Project area A - Law: A03 - Dynastic marriage contracts

Project area B - Authority: B03 - Denominational minorities

Project area C - Knowledge: C03 - The ‘home’ as security and gender (in)security