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DFG project - Constructions of peace in Europe in the media 1710-1721 (2017-2019), funded by the DFG:
The objective of the project is to establish the communicative process through which the shifts in the European peace order at the beginning of the 18th century manifested and how individual political cultures were established across borders. In particular, the focus is on the periodical press as the core medium of political communication, which had a pivotal function between diplomatic practice on one hand and the European public on the other. Analysis of the semantics linked with the concept of peace and narratives and their function in the various political discourses enabled exact identification of the moment in which amended concepts of peace are formulated, accepted and established or overruled under which circumstances.


Max Philipp Wehn, M.A.

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DFG project “Constructions of peace in Europe in the media 1710-1721”

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Dissertation project Laura-Marie Mork
Working title: “Religion and/or politics? Political communication in the Swedish empire under the rule of Gustav Vasas (1520-1560)
Author: Laura-Marie Mork

Supervisor: Inken Schmidt-Voges

Short description: This dissertation project researches political communication in the Swedish empire with respect to its religious connotations under the rule of Gustav Vasas. The goal is to analyse the communication patterns with which the various, sometimes widely conflicting interests of the four imperial states and the king were negotiated, legitimised and delegitimised and to what extent religious and political arguments came into effect.

Contact: Laura-Marie Mork, Email: