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Research Center Deutscher Sprachatlas
Phillips University Marburg
Pilgrimstein 16
35032 Marburg

Do you have general questions or are you a student? Please contact Mrs. Bettina Kehrein with your questions:

Do you have questions about an internship or scholarship at the DSA? Please contact Dr. Matthias Hahn with your questions:

Are you interested in a guided tour of the research center? Are you interested in an interview or a request for a researcher from our institute? Are you a representative of the press? Would you like to offer us research data or bequests? Please contact Dr. Brigitte Ganswindt with your questions:

How to get here

If arriving by bus: The bus stop for the new building is “Rudolphsplatz.” The following bus lines run from the main train station to Rudolphsplatz: Line 1 (direction MR-Eisenacher Weg), Line 2 (direction MR-Cappel Cappeler Gleiche), Line 3 (direction MR-Cappel Moischter Straße), Line 5 (direction MR-Marbach Kreutzacker) and Line 6 (direction MR-Fontanestraße). You can find bus schedule information at After exiting at Rudolphsplatz, walk along Pilgrimstein in the direction of Oberstadtaufzug.

If arriving by car: Across the street from the new building is the Oberstadt parking garage, where you can park for a fee.