08.07.2019 „Living Interdisciplinarity. 13 centres at a glance.“

The Marburg Centre for Canadian Studies participates in the first Day of Centres of the Philipps-Universität Marburg

Martin Kuester neben einem Poster mit Informationen zum MZKS
Foto: Alessandra Boller

Under the motto "Living interdisciplinarity. 13 centres at a glance", thirteen scientific centres of the Philipps-Universität Marburg presented themselves to the university public in the rooms of the new University Library on 19 June 2019. The Marburg Centre for Canadian Studies was represented by the Managing Director Prof. Dr. Martin Kuester and Dr. Alessandra Boller.

The first item on the afternoon's programme included group presentations by all participating centres. Prof. Dr. Kuester, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Seitter (Zentrum für wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung, "Center for Further Education in Science") and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Meseth (Zentrum für Lehrerbildung, "Center for Teacher Training") presented their centers together under the motto "Interdisciplinary (further) education in service and research". With a view to topics such as teaching, research, interdisciplinarity, the promotion of young researchers and the strengths of the centres, they worked out commonalities and differences.

Die neuesten Publikationen des MZKS auf einem Tisch ausgelegt
Foto: Alessandra Boller

The presentations were followed by a poster session, during which there was enough time for exchange and questions from interested parties from other centres and the university public. Of particular interest were the latest publications of the MZKS, which were produced as part of a school project on Teaching Canadian Ecologies/Enseigner les écologies canadiennes and published in the publication series of the Zentrum für Lehrerbildung.

A panel discussion on the topic "Departments vs. Centres" in the Alte Aula concluded the first day of the Centres. More detailed information on the Day of Centres and an audio recording of the panel discussion can be found on the corresponding website.