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Narratives of Crisis - Crisis of Narrative

The beginning of the 21st century is marked by several crises - regarding economy and environment, but especially in politics. The crises and catastrophes in the first decade of the new millenium, such as 9/11, have fundamentally changed our view on the world as well as our approaches to reading and writing.

The conference proceedings Narratives of Crisis - Crisis of Narrative present a collection of texts which investigate the crises of the new millenium in a transatlantic context. The contributions illustrate personal, cultural, regional, national and global crisis situations from the perspectives of different disciplines. Many essays were written by members of the Marburg Centre for Canadian Studies, and the book was edited by Martin Kuester, Anca-Raluca Radu, Charlotte Sturgess and Françoise LeJeune. The proceedings are the result of a cooperation between the Marburg Centre for Canadian Studies and its partner Canadian studies centres in Strasbourg and Nantes. Narratives of Crisis - Crisis of Narrative is the third book in Prof. Kuester's series Studies in Anglophone Literatures and Cultures published by Wißner.