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Teacher training workshops

The Marburg Centre for Canadian Studies is regularly offering teacher training workshops. From 2010 to 2012 Canada was the country of reference for the Hessian Zentralabitur (A-levels), leading to a higher interest in the country among teachers. Because many teachers felt that what they had learnt about Canadian literature and culture during their studies was lackluster we attempted to fill in these gaps with our teacher training workshops. Our workshops have also been officially accredited as teacher training workshops. In 2012, our traditional Canadian Studies Day was titled "Teaching Canada in the EFL-Classroom" and focussed on this idea of teacher training. In the following years we continued to focus on teacher training with our conferences on "Perspectives on/from Canada" (2013), "Teaching Canada - Enseigner le Canada" (2015) and "Teaching Canada and Canadian Ecologies – Enseigner le Canada et les écologies canadiennes" (2016).

Teaching training: Canadian Studies Day