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Enseigner le Québec et les écologies canadiennes

Ein Buchcover, darauf ein Foto von Schiffen vor dem Chateau Frontenac in Quebec
Bild: Tectum Verlag

This book is the French equivalent to "Teaching Canadian Ecologies", a collection of lesson plans which were devised in context of a lecture series about "Canadian ecologies" organised by the Marburg Centre for Canadian Studies. The topics include the ecological dimensions of oil production, ecotourism in Québec, and many more.This book has been published in the Marburger Schriften zur Lehrerbildung series and is the result of the centre's work regarding "ecologies" with the aim to provide teachers with Canadian topics for schools. The book is the product of a successful cooperation with schools which has begun due to the interest of their teachers in Canadianist teacher workshops. Some enthusiastic teachers from schools in Marburg (Landschulheim Steinmühle, Elisabethschule und Martin-Luther-Schule) and Gelnhausen (Grimmelshausen-Gymnasium und Berufliche Schulen) have contributed to the works presented in the book.  In a project funded by the University several students cooperated with teachers in order to test these ideas in practice. Some of these ideas found their way into the book and hopefully help teachers of French to bring Canada to their classrooms more easily. We thank the Zentrum für Lehrerbildung for publishing our findings, the students for their work and the schools for their cooperation.