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Research projects

The Marburg Centre for Canadian Studies is an interdisciplinary research institution that is involved in numerous projects. Traditionally, the research interests of the MZKS have been dominated by overarching themes changing every few years. From 2016 to 2019, this theme has been “Canadian Ecologies“, bringing together research projects and results from various disciplines. 

Echoing Ecologies – Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Canadian Studies / Les écologies canadiennes et leurs enjeux interdisciplinaires

Our Echoing Ecologies-conference is the culmination of our research regarding the topic of Canadian ecologies and will span three days during which scholars from around the world will present their perspectives.

You can find further information on the dedicated page of the conference.

Canadian Ecologies in the EFL-classroom – Enseigner les écologies canadiennes

Based on a lecture series about "Canadian ecologies" organised by the Marburg Centre for Canadian Studies eleven students in teaching degrees participated in a cooperative project with schools. Among the many listeners during the lecture series were many teachers which sparked the idea to edit the proceedings of the conference in a manner which would allow teachers to use the material for their English and French classes. In a project funded by the University several students cooperated with teachers in order to test these ideas in practice.

You can find information about the English publication and the French publication on their corresponding sites.

Publication Teaching Canada - Enseigner le Canada

In addition to the teacher resources mentioned above, we are also currently working on an academic publication based on the same lecture series.