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Dialogizing the Monologic in Native Literature

Marco Ulm's dissertation Dialogizing the Monologic in Native Literature: Bakhtinian Readings of Thomas King and Joseph Boyden has been published by Wißner. It is part of Martin Kuester's Studies in Aglophone Literatures and Cultures series of books.

Excerpt from the blurb:

Native Studies, especially in recent years, has become a hotly debated field of enquiry, indigenous critics challenging readers to find new ways of dealing with Native literature. Dialogizing the Monologic in Native Literature participates in this debate by proposing a Bakhtinian theoretical framework which acknowledges both Bakhtin’s writings on language as well as his lesser known works on ethics. Equipped with this framework the study sheds light on the works of Native authors Thomas King and Joseph Boyden.

The table of contents and further information can be found on the homepage of Wißner.