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Overview: Canadian Literature/Studies Days before 2010

  • 2008: Narratives of (In)Dependence and Partnership: Old Europe and New World

    Smaro Kamboureli (Guelph): Keynote address on humanitarianism and the cultural imagination (Policy, media, and fiction)
    Andre Maindron (Poitiers): La "Vieille Europe" pour quelques écrivains canadiens
    Maureen Waters O'Neil (Nancy): Reflets Transatlantiques: l'américanité au miroir de L'européanité
    Natalia Vesselova (Ottawa): "Where everyone lives as one should": Literary Representations of Canada as Seen from Overseas
    James Skidmore (Waterloo): Global Regionalism
    Petra Missomelius (Marburg): Electronic Spaces in Europe and Canada
    Georgina Banita (Constance): "This is a New Country": Atom Egoyan's Ararat on Canadian Exile and Ethical Memory
    John O'Connor (Toronto): "Such a long Way from Saskatchewan": The Place of Europe in the Life and Work of Sinclair Ross
    Ted Dyck (Alberta): Reading and Keynote: Canadians A-Broad: A Punnish Satire
    Anna Jakabfi (Budapest): A Singular Transatlantic Tie: Napoleon in Canadian Fiction
    Wolfram Keller (Marburg): (Re-)Translating the Postcolonial Text: Canadian Classics and the translatio imperii and studii
    Thorunn Lonsdale (Queen Mary): Olive Senior's "The Case Against the Queen"
    Michelle Gadpaille (Maribor): Hudson's Bay and the Transatlantic Imaginary
    Natalia Vid (Maribor): The Etemal myth of the Canadian North in modern European literature: Stef Penney's The Tenderness of the Wolves
    Taras Lupul (Chemivtsi): The Shifting in the Canadian Ethnic Mosaic: The Case of the "The Fourth Wave" of the Ukrainian Immigrants in Canada (1990's to early 2000's)
    Petra Dolata-Kreutzkamp (London/Berlin): From Bridge to Battleground: Explaining EU-Canada Relations through Spatial Narratives of the Transatlantic
    Christian Pauls (Marburg) / Christian Werthschulte (Bochum): World War I in British and Canadian Poetry
    Heike Härting (Montreal): Transatlantic Interventions: Discourses of Peacekeeping and Protection in Contemporary Canadian Fiction
    Gertrud Szamosi (Pecs): Inventing Canada: A unique blend of cultural reproductions in the art of Emily Carr
    Anca-Raluca Radu (Marburg): Richard B. Wrights's Clara Callan: A Story of the Non-Anxiety of Influence

  • 2007: Transliteration: Literatur und Gesellschaften, Literature and Societies, Littérature et sociétés

    Paul S. Adams (Berlin): Heimat, ein schoenes Wort, wer's recht verstuende
    Cordelia Borchardt (Fischer Verlag, Frankfurt): Kanada, Indien, Deutschland: der Autor Rohinton Mistry und seine Positionierung auf dem deutschen Buchmarkt
    Mark McCutcheon (Bonn/Guelph): 'Come on back to the war:' Germany as the other national other in Canadian popular culture
    Sabine Roth (Translator, Munich): Von Jane Austen bis Lemony Snicket: Einige Einblicke in die Praxis des Übersetzens
    Albert Rau (Brühl): Canadian Literary Texts in the EFL Classroom
    Astrid H. Holzamer (Embassy of Canada): Agentin im Namen Ihrer Majestät – Kulturvermittlung heute"
    Alan Filewod (Guelph): Theatrical Nationhood and Theatre Economy: The Problem of The Drawer Boy
    Linda Warley (Waterloo): The Days of Augusta and Canadian Aboriginal Literary History
    Reingard M. Nischik (Konstanz): Translating Canada: Canadian Writing in German/y
    Anca-Raluca Radu/Astrid Lohöfer/Kirsten Sandrock: "What's in a title? Translations
    of English-Canadian titles into German
    Fabienne Quennet (Marburg): "German Readings of Jewish Canadian Literature: Mordecai Richler, Leonard Cohen and Anne Michaels
    Martin Kuester (Marburg): The Future of Canadian Literature and CanLit Studies:
    Transliteration in a world of political change"

  • 2006: Native Literature and Culture

    Hans-Ludwig Blohm and Alootook Ipellie: Cartoons – Photography – Art?
    Laird Christie (Wilfrid Laurier): Inuit Art and Inuit Identity: Indigenous Roots and Contemporary Development
    Ian Rae (Bonn): Stone Poems: The Architecture of Douglas Cardinal
    Fabienne Quennet (Marburg): Captivity and/or Adoption: Eunice Williams and Montreal's Kahnawake Mohawks
    Ed. E. Bryant (Tsimshian artist): Tsimshian Ambassador to Germany
    Angela Weber (Marburg): Indian Fine Arts and Art History: Postsecondary Arts Education at the First Nations University of Canada (Regina)
    Angela Spreng (Amerika Haus München): De-colonising the Present by the Subversive Power of the Fantastic: Eden Robinson's Monkey Beach
    Mareike Neuhaus and Wolfram R. Keller (Marburg): The One about Telling Stories
    Ed. E. Bryant (Tsimshian artist) and Ian Reid (Heiltsuk artist): Storytelling and Dance Performance 

  • 2005: Imag(in)ing Canada: Film, Theory and Digital Media; Ausstellung "Raben, Wölfe, sieben Frösche und eine Kuh – Siebdrucke von First Nations-Künstlern der kanadischen Nordwestküste"

    Angela Weber (Marburg): Introduction
    Gene Walz (Manitoba): Winnipeg Plays Itself
    Gordon Collier (Gießen): Aspects of Childhood in Prairie Film
    Wolfram R. Keller und Christian Uffmann (Marburg): "Careful ... Canadians"
    Angela Krewani (Marburg)
    James Skidmore (Waterloo): Good-bye Reality, or the Seduction of Nostalgia: Fairy Tales and Myth Making in Good Bye, Lenin! and La Grande séduction
    David Arnason (Manitoba): Reading of the short story "The Washing Machine"

  • 2004: Jewish-Canadian Writing

    Ruth Panofsky (Ryerson University Toronto): Of Loss and Faith: The Fiction of Helen Weinzweig and Nora Gold
    Wolfgang Klooß (Universität Trier): 'Saying the Unsayable': Eli Mandel's "On the 25th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz"
    Eugen Banauch (Universität Wien): "1938 Vienna, 1939 England, 1941 Canada. 1942 - Where?": The Jewish Canadian Experience in Kreisel and Weiselberger
    Albert-Reiner Glaap (Universität Düsseldorf): The Jewish Experience in Contemporary Canadian Drama
    Fabienne Quennet (Universität Marburg): Mordecai Richler, Montreal and the War: Reading The Street
    Literarischer Abend im Deutschhauskeller: participants of the creative writing seminar read their texts

  • 2003: Canadian Mennonite Writing

    Hildi Froese Tiessen and Paul Tiessen (Waterloo): After Green Gables (a play in two voices)
    Hildi Froese Tiessen (University of Waterloo): Rudy Wiebe and Contemporary Mennonite Fictions: The Photograph in the Text
    Paul Tiessen (Wilfrid Laurier University): Mennonite/s Naming: New 'Mennonite' Fiction by Sandra Birdsell and Others
    Alfred Hecht (Wilfrid Laurier University): Mennonites within the greater Canadian Society: A socio-economic and geographical comparison
    Lutz Schowalter (Universität Trier): Church of Peace? An Insider's Perspective on Canadian and German Mennonite Literature and Theology
    Fabienne Quennet (Philipps-Universität Marburg): Gender Troubles in Sandra Birdsell's Agassiz Stories
    Wolfram Keller (Philipps-Universität Marburg): A Mythology of Mirrors: Mapping in Rudy Wiebe's A Discovery of Strangers

  • 2002: Canadian Prairie Writing

    Wolfram R. Keller (Philipps-Universität Marburg): Beyond the Postnational: Regional Prosopagraphy on the Canadian Prairies
    David Williams (St. Paul's College, University of Manitoba): Song of My Other Self: A Memoir, a History, and a Meditation on Prairie
    Nicole Markotic (University of Calgary/Universität Kiel): Reading/Talk
    Suzette Mayr (Calgary/Universität Greifswald): Reading/Talk
    Ted Dyck (Aurora College, Inuvik/Philipps-Universität Marburg): Reading/Talk

  • 2001: ENCS Seminar: Comparative Ethnic Literatures in Canada and Europe

    Opening Address & Readings by Nancy Burke (Warsaw), Smaro Kamboureli (Victoria, B.C.), Hans Jürgen Greif (Laval)
    Wolfram R. Keller (Marburg): Circulating Mythemes: Trans-Cultural Communication in David Williams's Lacjardin Trilogy
    Claire Omhovère (Nancy): Sasquatch Quatsch: Cultural Hybridity in Suzette Mayr's The Widows
    Mira Buchholtz (Torun): Singing Snakes and Artistic Hens: Ethnic Diversity in Canadian Children's Books of the 1980s and 90s
    Don Sparling (Brno): The Representation of Ethnic Minorities in School Textbooks
    Katalin Kürtösi (Szeged): Ethnic Drama
    Fabienne Quennet (Marburg): Humour in Jewish Canadian Writing
    Charlotte Sturgess (Strasbourg): Evelyn Lau: Figuring Ethnicity in Other Women
    Nancy Burke (Warsaw): 'Mixing Memory and Desire' - M. J. Vassanji and the East Asian Canadian Novel
    Smaro Kamboureli (Victoria): Denise Chong's The Concubine's Children: Modernity and Postethnicity
    Hans-Jürgen Greif (Laval): Questions de l'identitaire dans le roman québécois contemporain
    50 Years / 50 Jahre Alan Coatsworth Canada Collection
    Speeches by Dr. Dirk Barth, Director of the University Library, Prof. Dr. Horst Franz Kern, President of the University of Marburg, H. E. Marie Bernard-Meunier, Embassador of Canada to Germany in Berlin, Prof. Dr. Martin Kuester, Dr. Günther Prinzhorn
    Lecture by Prof. Dr. Paul Goetsch, Universität Freiburg
    Book launch: "Dieser Plan geht von mir persönlich aus..." Die Entstehungs- und Frühgeschichte der Alan Coatsworth Canada Collection an der UB Marburg in Dokumenten., ed. Dr. Sven Kuttner.

  • 2000: Die Rezeption kanadischer Literatur in Deutschland / The Reception of Canadian Literature in Germany

    Reading/Lecture: Joe Fiorito and Peter Henning
    Performance: Louise Moyes
    Astrid Holzamer, Embassy of Canada, Berlin
    Robert Kroetsch: Reading (with German translation)
    Russell Smith: Reading (German translation: Marlies Ruß) 
    Aritha van Herk: Reading (with German translation)
    Arnulf Conradi, Berlin Verlag
    Round Table on Canadian Literature in Germany: Rosmarin Heidenreich, Robert Kroetsch, Louise Moyes, Russell Smith, Marlies Russ, Aritha van Herk