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Planning and Development

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Daniel Immel

In a research environment, there will always be tasks that cannot be solved with commercially available components. In such cases, we can offer you:

  • Development of electronics tailored to the task at hand
  • Process automation
  • Control and regulation technology
  • Procurement or production of the necessary adapters and connecting cables
  • Procurement or development of a power supply
  • Retrofitting of interfaces
  • and much more!

This includes, in particular, the development of new systems and the modernisation of existing systems. We try to find a solution for your electronic problems. This includes analysis, possibly including an on-site appointment, advice on the procurement of materials and equipment and, of course, developing your own equipment.

Special services:

If a spare part is no longer available for repairing a device, we can generally develop and offer an electrical equivalent. A popular example is a control module from a turbopump controller that is no longer available on the free market.

Nachbau eines nicht mehr verfügbaren Halbleiters
Daniel Immel

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