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Compatibility of Family and Career or Studies

This institution within the university offers a comprehensive range of information and advice on family-related questions and questions regarding the compatibility or family and career/study.

The Student Union runs two day-care centres for students and employees with children at Philipps-Universität. This also applies to members of the Student Union who live in the City of Marburg and whose children are between 6 months and 3 years old.

Day nursery for children under 3 years. 20 of the 30 available places are reserved for children of members of the University.

  1. Upon application, student parents who must attend courses outside of childcare hours can receive up to 350 EUR per semester for childcare.
  2. In this stage, student parents who are registered for exams can apply for a financial subsidy of up to 300 EUR per month for six months.

The call for proposals is aimed at outstanding prospective women scientists in the fields of experimental sciences who feel that their career as a scientist is at risk due to the additional responsibility of children. Doctoral students at German universities and research institutes receive funding. The doctoral thesis should still be in its practical phase and have at least one year remaining after funding has begun. The applicant’s livelihood must be covered by a job or a scholarship and it will be assumed that full-day care for the child or children is provided by a day-care centre or childminder. The funding amounts to 200 - 400 EUR per month over a period of one year and is intended to help ease the pressure on the household and childcare.

More than 140 articles, over 4,000 addresses, numerous event notes and local and regional web tips on topics such as maternity protection, child benefit, parental leave, etc.