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Ultrafast Quantum Dynamics

Welcome to the Ultrafast Quantum Dynamics Group!

Our research focuses on microscopic modelling of ultrafast phenomena in quantum materials. We perform quantum mechanical calculations to gain profound insights into many-particle interactions determining optics, dynamics and transport properties of these materials.

We investigate in particular the class of atomically thin nanomaterials including monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides and graphene. Stacking monolayers of these materials into a heterostructure provides atomically sharp interfaces and results in spatially periodic moiré potentials. Adding a twist angle one can externally tune these potentials, which presents an unprecedented opportunity to design tailored quantum interfaces and engineer their optoelectronic landscape.

The driving force of our research is to unravel elementary processes behind ultrafast quantum dynamics phenomena and to exploit the gained microscopic insights to explain experimental findings, predict novel yet undiscovered phenomena and propose novel technological concepts.

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