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Network & Workshop Officer

Sebastian Richter
Tel.: +49 6421 28 23371
Fax: +49 6421 28 25607

  • Support of the HRZ primarily with knowledge of local conditions (e.g. regarding rooms, persons, functions) in the operation and expansion of the W-LAN.
  • Support of the HRZ in planning new computer connections, cabling work of companies, assignment of IP addresses and names for connected computers.
  • Contact person for both, users and the HRZ, for questions regarding network operation and network expansion.The network officer is always kept up to date by the HRZ on the names and addresses of all computers for which connection to a W-LAN under his or her care has been requested. The infrastructure of the UMRnet is constantly being expanded; currently, the coaxial cabling present in many W-LANs is being replaced by twisted-pair cabling. In addition, new computers are constantly being connected to the UMRnet, while others are being decommissioned and taken offline.
  • Receiving login requests of new PCs to the UMRnet connection.