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General Notes

A checklist for the examination process will be found here.
In order to be admitted to the examination procedure, you must first submit an application for admission to the examination.
The following documents must be attached:

  • at least 5 copies of the dissertation or dissertation performance, bound and with title page
  • pdf-document of the printed thesis
  • an explanation as to whether a dissertation has already been attempted in the past
  • an assurance that the dissertation submitted was written by yourself and without outside help
  • Confirmation for special requirements (if specified in your letter of acceptance)

    These documents must be submitted in the original or officially certified.

Notes on the content of the thesis

  • The dissertation must be bound with a hard cover (e.g. hot glue binding) in DIN A4 format.
  • quick binders or ring binding aren´t permitted
  • the title page must be designed accoring to the template (see above)
  • "declaration if a dissertation has been attempted before" must be signed in each copy

Notes on the procedure of the appraisal

If the application is accepted, the dissertation will be reviewed. As a guideline, this process should take 4 weeks.

After completion of the review process, the doctoral file is available for examination by all members of the PhD Committee and the Examination Committee, all professors and all habilitated members and members of the Department of Biology for 2 weeks during the semester, for  4 weeks during the lecture-free period.

After the time for display, the doctoral candidate may have access to the file himself/herself in order to prepare himself/herself accordingly for the upcoming defense.

The date of the defense can be agreed after the expiration of the display period, which is also the formal date of acceptance. It should take place no later than 3 months after acceptance.

If you have further questions, please context