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Group members

Foto: Stefan Harnischmacher
AG Ecological Plant Geography, November 2018

The following people currently build the research group:

Group leader

Juniorprof. Dr. Maaike Bader


Former group members:

Dr. Anna Mezaka: former post-doc (2016-2019), epiphyll dynamics in a tropical rain forest.

Dr. Francisco E. Méndez Castro : former post-doc (2016-2019), island biogeography of spiders in epiphytes and in vegetation islands at alpine treeline. As of 2019: post-doc at the Czech Academy of Science, Trebon

Dr. Diana Gómez: former PhD student, epiphyte ecology and hydrology in a tropical montane forest, graduated in Oldenburg, 2017

Dr. Zhe Wang : former post-doc (2015-2017), moss ecophysiology. As of 2017: lecturer at Shanghai Normal University

Dr. Hannah Loranger : former PhD student, tree regeneration at the alpine treeline, graduated in Oldenburg, 2016

Dr. Carolina García: former PhD student, facilitation effects on high-Andean cushion plants, graduated in Concepción (Chile), 2016