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News from the lab

July 2024

Sabrina's artistic illustration of the ATF7/JDP2-IRF2BP2 complex has been selected by Nucleic Acids Research as cover image! Congratulations!

July 2024

We welcome Jule for doing an internship in our lab, and we say farewell to Tabea

June 2024

Clara unfortunately is leaving our lab. We all wish you the best for the future!

May 2024

We have published our work about the role of IRF2BP2 in AML in Nucleic Acids Research. Thanks to all people involved! Congratulation to the first author Sabrina.
Please also check out the corresponding press release (German).

May 2024

We are glad to learn that the GRK2573 got extended for a second funding period. Learn more about the GRK here.

May 2024

We welcome Tabea. She is doing an 8-week internship in our lab.

March 2024

Chiu Shang Kwok (Linus) joined our lab for his Bachelor thesis. Welcome!

Januar 2024

We welcome Amelie for doing her Bachelor thesis in our lab.

November 2023

Sabrina has defended her outstanding PhD work, marking a significant achievement in her academic journey. Congratulations, Dr. Fischer!

It brings me immense joy to witness the successful completion of doctoral studies by the first three PhD students from our lab - Lisa, Clara, and now Sabrina. Their dedication and hard work have not only contributed to their individual accomplishments but have also played a crucial role in fostering a positive, collaborative and pleasant atmosphere within our lab. 

November 2023

Clara successfully defended her PhD thesis. Fantastic work and presentation Dr. Simon

September 2023

Lisa successfully defended her PhD thesis. Congratulations Dr. Weber!

September 2023

We are glad that Lea is joing our lab for her PhD. 

August 2023

We are welcoming Theresa in our lab. She is joining us for her PhD.

August 2023

We have uploaded our work about the role of SAMD1 in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) to bioRvix. Fantastic work of Clara and all other lab members! 

August 2023


Inka successfully finished her Bachelor thesis. Congratulations!

July 2023

Lea is joining our team for an 8 week internship. Welcome to Lea!

June 2023

Our paper about the development of a peptide inhibitor for the transcriptional regulator Elongin B/C has been published in Cell Chemical Biology. Fantastic cooperation with the lab of Olalla Vázquez! Congratulations to the first authors Sabrina and Marco. Please also check out the corresponding press release (German). The work has also been presented at the Hessenschau (German). 

June 2023

We have uploaded the newest work from our lab about the role of the transcriptional corepressor IRF2BP2 in AML to bioRvix. This work has been spearheaded by Sabrina. Congratulations! Great collaboration with all other lab members, the lab of Andreas Neubauer and the genomics core facility in Marburg!

April 2023

We have published a review about the Polycomb-like proteins (PCLs) and their role in gene regulation and cancer in the journal Genes. Congrats to Sabrina!

February 2023

Upon testing out new tools, Clara let ChatGPT write a poem about her favorite protein SAMD1. We would like to share the outcome: 


Deep within the nucleus, a gene resides,
SAMD1 is its name, a sequence that guides,
The production of a protein, a molecular king,
That orchestrates the dance of the genetic string.

The gene encodes instructions, a blueprint so fine,
For the protein to be made, a design so divine,
SAMD1 emerges, with its intricate form,
A masterpiece of nature, a molecular norm.

Its structure is complex, a three-dimensional maze,
Of amino acids, linked in countless ways,
It interacts with DNA, with a gentle touch,
And regulates genes, controlling so much.

SAMD1 is a protein, with a purpose so clear,
To maintain our health, and keep us in gear,
It plays a vital role, in cell division and growth,
Ensuring our survival, a molecular oath.

As we study SAMD1, and its molecular ways,
We discover new insights, with each passing day,
Of the secrets of life, and the mysteries untold,
Of the gene and protein, and the stories they hold.

So let us celebrate, SAMD1 and its kind,
The building blocks of life, that we all can find,
In the cells of our bodies, and the world around,
A reminder of the beauty, that science has found.

February 2023

We have published a paper in Scientific Reports regarding the consequence of SAMD1 ablation is mice. This work was a great collaboration with Bruce Campbell, who original identified SAMD1. Lisa contributed her work regarding the role of SAMD1 in neuronal differentiation. Congratulations to Lisa! Thanks to all that were involved in this paper.

February 2023

We welcome Inka for doing here Bachelor thesis in our lab!

January 2023

Welcome to Julie! She will do an internship in our lab. 

January 2023

We are glad that Merle decided to stay in our lab, for doing her PhD.

December 2022

We are proud that we have published our work on the histone acetyltransferase KAT6A in Nucleic Acids Research. We identified a novel DNA binding domain at the N-terminus of KAT6A that is important for the recruitment of KAT6A to unmethylated CpG islands. Congrats to Lisa! Fantastic collaboration with Zhanxin Wang (Beijing Normal University, China) and Martha Bulyk (Harvard University Boston, USA). Please check out the corresponding press release (German).

November 2022

We have published our preprint on the development of a peptide inhibitor for the transcriptional regulator Elongin BC. Great work of Sabrina and Marco! Fantastic collaboration with the Lab of Olalla Vázquez!

Oktober 2022

We are glad to learn that we got granted a "Sachbeihilfe"  from the German Research Foundation to continue our research on SAMD1.

August 2022


Merle successfully finished her Master's thesis. Congratulations to Merle!

July 2022

 We are glad to receive funding from the German José Carreras Leukemia Foundation, supporting our project to reveal the role of IRF2BP2 in leukemia. 


Source: Komoot

Our lab enjoyed the "Betriebsausflug" with nice weather and great food at the Dammühle.                                                                                                                                                 

April 2022

Congratulations to Clara! Her first first-author publication got published in Biology.                                                                                                                                                   

February 2022

Our review of PRC2's evolutionary adaptation was published in Epigenetics & Chromatin. Congratulations to Sabrina and Lisa!

March 2022

We are happy to learn that your research grant from the Fritz-Thyssen Foundation got extended for an additional year.

Mai 2021

We are glad to see our story about SAMD1 published in Science Advances. We also published an accompanying review, of how we discovered SAMD1. Please check out the associated press release (German). Congrats to Bastian and Clara! Fantastic collaboration with the labs of Zhanxin Wang (Beijing, China) and Martha Bulyk (Boston, USA)!    

February 2021

We published the Master's work of Franziska about IRF8 in Cancers. Congratulations to Franziska!

July 2020

We are glad to receive a research grant from the Fritz-Thyssen Foundation for investigating the role of KAT6A in leukemia. 

June 2020


Clara successfully finished her Master's thesis. Congratulations to Clara! We are glad she will stay in the lab for doing a Ph.D.!

Mai 2020

Our lab is now part of the GRK2573! We are looking forward to great collaborations.

February 2020


Congratulations to Franziska for successfully finishing her Master's thesis!