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Central User Account for school students

Particularly talented school students who are registered for university studies during school hours are granted a central user account without further application. The handling is essentially the same as for a student account.

The scope of services is only slightly restricted compared to regular students (e.g. no Marvin login). However, use of Wi-Fi and access to online literature via VPN and Shibboleth from home are possible.

Target group

Particularly talented school students according to § 60 Abs. 5 HessHG (2021)


Registration for university studies during school hours at the Zentrale Koordinierungsstelle (central coordination office) of the ZAS.


You can make various changes yourself using web forms:

  • Support and Help

    For more information about studying at the university while in school and how to contact us, visit .

    Student assistants provide advice on technical questions in the PC rooms and the University Library, or at the IT service desk of the University Computer Center, see contact points.

    You can reach the IT Service Desk by phone at the hotline +49 6421 28-28282, or by e-mail at . Please indicate your account and the subject in the subject line when making inquiries.

  • Worth knowing

    School students' accounts for the expired semester are automatically renewed for the following semester within a few days after the status has been renewed at the Central Coordination Office; it is not necessary to report to the University Computer Center again. Instead of a matriculation number, students will be assigned a pseudo matriculation number, which must also be provided the first time the user name is requested.