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American, British, and Canadian Studies (Bachelor of Arts)

Program: American, British, and Canadian Studies
Degree: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Program length: 6 semesters / 3 years (180 ECTS points)
Start: Winter semester 

The American, British, and Canadian Studies B.A. program is an English-language degree which qualifies students for professional work and for further scientific work. After introductory courses in linguistics, literary studies, and cultural studies, students take advanced classes in English and North American literature and culture as well as English linguistics and have the option to import credits from another B.A. program at our university. Two language practice modules hone practical skills. Applied cultural studies, professional writing, job orientation classes, and a mandatory internship direct students towards career options. Students will specialize and complete their B.A. thesis in either English literature and culture, North American literature and culture, or English linguistics.

Major topics

  • English literature and cultural studies
  • North American literature and cultural studies
  • Linguistics 


Alternatively to a Master of Arts program, graduates of the program may enter professional fields in which subject-specific technological skills, interconnected thinking, general and language-specific communicative skills, and cultural knowledge of Anglophone societies are required.

Graduates are competitive experts in English-speaking cultures on the international labor market, especially if they make use of the many opportunities to study abroad and transfer their credits to our program. Possible career paths include higher education, publishing, media and journalism, PR, traineeships in industries and organizations, human resources, marketing, public administration, trade and commerce, consulting.