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Interdisziplinäre Literatur- und Kulturstudien / Interdisciplinary Literary and Cultural Studies (Bachelor of Arts)

Program: Interdisziplinäre Literatur- und Kulturstudien / Interdisciplinary Literary and Cultural Studies
Degree: Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Program length: 8 semesters / 4 years (240 ECTS points)

Do you want to get away, travel the world, and become more familiar with a wide variety of cultures as you learn to understand other people's lives? Then our program is the right place for you!

The BA Program in Interdisciplinary Literature and Cultural Studies gives you exciting insights into the two languages you select and the cultures associated with them. In addition to literary and cultural sciences, you will engage with complementary disciplines during your program, such as Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology and Economics. 

Major topics

Four interesting combinations are available to you:

  • Mediterranean Studies: Illuminates all facets of the Mediterranean region, in Romance Studies, Arabic Studies & Political Science
  • Oriental and Ancient Studies: Understand the contexts surrounding philosophical thought within Europe and the Middle East in Greek Philology, Semitic Studies/Arabic Studies & Philosophy
  • Iranian and American Studies: Analyze the economic, cultural and political relationships between Iran and the USA in Iranian Studies, American Studies & Political and Social Sciences or Economics.
  • American and Ancient Studies: Research the origins behind and influences on economic thought from the ancient world to today in American Studies, Greek Philology & Economics


You will gain intercultural and interdisciplinary competence, be able to produce, understand, explain and reflect on texts in foreign languages, and will be capable of researching and understanding cultural, social and historical contexts.

A variety of exciting professional fields are open to you, such as:

  • Federal Foreign Office
  • Political foundations
  • NGOs
  • Management in cultural and scientific institutions
  • And much more ...

You will also be able to enter a variety of master’s programs, such as:

  • M.A. Modern Arabian Politics, Society and Culture
  • M.A. Iranian Studies
  • M.A. North American Studies
  • M.A. Romance Languages and Cultures
  • M.A. Semitic and Ancient Eastern Philology
  • M.A. Classical Philology