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Keltologie / Celtic Studies (Master of Arts)

Program: Keltologie / Celtic Studies
Degree: Master of Arts (M.A.)
Program length: 2 years / 4 semesters (120 ECTS points)

Keltologie / Celtic Studies relate to the languages and literature of the island-Celtic peoples (Irish, Scottish-Gaelic, Manx, Cymric (Welsh), Breton and Cornish) and mainland Celtic, which has only partially survived.

In addition to working with (original) texts from various periods and text types, the program focuses on the philological, on the one hand, and theoretical literary and historical questions of textual analysis on the other. In order to expand knowledge of cultural and literary backgrounds, the cultural and intellectual history of the related peoples are incorporated into the consideration.

Major topics

The Marburg Keltologie / Celtic Studies master's program focuses on the linguistic and literary-historical investigation of two medieval Celtic languages, Irish and Cymric, whose rich textual corpora also made an important contribution to European cultural development of the Middle Ages, in addition to their historical linguistic importance.


There are professional opportunities for successful graduates of the Keltologie / Celtic Studies master's program particularly in the field of adult education, libraries and publishing (print and audio-visual media), cultural mediation and cultural management, language instruction and public service.

Further key components on organizational and communicative and social as well as intellectual levels (competence for independently developing new fields of knowledge; independent organization of projects; aptitude for learning; competent scholarly argumentation; moderating skills, analytical and cognitive competence) and foreign language skills expand the professional field in specific divisions of commercial enterprises.