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Archäologische Wissenschaften / Archaeology (Bachelor of Arts)

Photo: Anselm Wagner

Program: Archäologische Wissenschaften / Archaeology
Degree: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Program length: 6 semesters / 3 years (180 ECTS points)
Start: Winter and Summer semesters

The subject matter of the Archäologische Wissenschaften / Archaeology bachelor's program is made up of the material remnants of past cultures. You will receive a broad overview of archaeological methods, genres, epochs, and various specialized disciplines, particularly Prehistoric and Early History Archaeology, Classical Archaeology and Christian Archaeology and Byzantine Art History.

Major topics

Starting from the 3rd semester, you will choose your major topic between Prehistoric and Early History, Classical Archaeology or Christian Archaeology and Byzantine Art History, creating the prerequisite for a consecutive master's program (currently Prehistoric Archaeology, Classical Archaeology/Christian and Byzantine Archaeology).

Furthermore, in addition to your major topic of study (= Archaeological Sciences), you will choose an accompanying subject from which you must complete modules totaling 48 ECTS points. Alternatively, you can also choose two accompanying subjects of 24 ECTS points each.


The Archäologische Wissenschaften / Archaeology program is aligned with the professional prospects of the labor market:

modularized education and the incorporation of educational elements outside of the discipline not only create professional qualifications for archaeological professional fields, but also open up possibilities for professional work in fields outside of the discipline, such as journalism, publishing, tourism, management, adult education, etc., by imparting methodological competency. The solid, discipline-specific education simultaneously creates the foundation for advanced (master) programs. Access to scientific fields of work is enabled by the doctorate.