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Medienwissenschaft / Media Studies (Bachelor of Arts)

Program: Medienwissenschaft / Media Studies
Degree: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Program length: 6 semesters / 3 years (180 ECTS points)

The Medienwissenschaft / Media Studies bachelor's program is an analytically and theoretically oriented program with an alignment in cultural studies. 

It deals with the audio-visual media of film (including photography), broadcasting (including radio), computer, Internet and multimedial configurations and examines their themes, manifestations and expressions. The aesthetics, history and theory of audio-visual media are thus the most important work areas of the program.

It is directed to students who have a pronounced interest in the various manifestations of media and have an above-average aptitude for the perception and verbalization of audio-visual structures.

Major topics

The major topics of the Medienwissenschaft / Media Studies program are in the fields of film, television and digital (network) media.


Building on the competencies acquired in the program, a variety of fields of work are conceivable for later professional practice. The professional direction in which you ultimately travel decisively depends on the practical experiences you have collected during your course of study during the mandatory internship and outside the university courses: whether through voluntary work in the cultural sector, additional voluntary internships in media practice or holiday jobs in the company.

The following professional fields are possible:

  • editorial management of audio-visual products at broadcasting and television stations, production companies, firms and institutions
  • Media journalism, writing about media, film and television criticism, science journalism
  • Cultural management, planning of festivals, event series and individual events
  • Media consulting
  • Educational work in municipalities, associations, companies, academies and institutions