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Sprachen des Nahen und Mittleren Ostens / Languages of the Middle East (minor subject in a combined bachelor’s degree)

Photo: Rolf K. Wegst

Program: Sprachen des Nahen und Mittleren Ostens / Languages of the Middle East
Degree: depends on the major chosen
Program option: minor subject in a combined bachelor's degree
Study model: combined bachelor's degree
Program length: 6/8 semesters / 3/4 years (180/ 210 ECTS points) (depending on the combination)


In the four-semester minor subject “Languages of the Middle East”, you can acquire basic language skills in the modern spoken languages of the Middle East: Arabic, Persian or Turkish. You can supplement these language skills with specialist modules, which will introduce you to the diversity of this region and give you insights into a wide variety of areas such as the history, culture(s), societies, languages, religions, politics and economy. After completing the minor subject, you will have a command of the language and will be able to understand easy to medium-level texts, follow easy to medium-level conversations and express yourself well.


The intensive language training at the Centre for Near and Middle Eastern Studies (CNMS) will give you the best possible preparation for entering professional life. Possible fields of work for Middle East scholars with good language skills, such as those acquired in this minor subject are – depending on your individual talents and in conjunction with a relevant major subject – international organisations and cultural institutions, government ministries and public authorities, journalism, libraries, museums and work with migrants, the publishing sector, public relations; a career in academia is, of course, also possible.

A minor subject will help you to extend your professional qualifications profile, which is decisively shaped by the choice of your major subject. In conjunction with your major subject, your relevant work experience (e.g. internships, part-time jobs, voluntary work) and your personal skills, it will enable you to refine your profile and carve out your own individual array of career options.