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Freemover Enrollment

All students are welcome to apply on their own for admission to Philipps-Universität Marburg and, upon admission, finance and pursue studies on their own without using any special assistance or having been admitted to one of our exchange programs. This makes sense if

  • you have sufficient financial means to fully fund your study abroad experience,
  • you wish to study abroad independent from existing exchange programs,
  • your own wishes are not covered by existing programs,
  • you haven’t been accepted to an existing exchange program between your home institution and Philipps-Universität.

General Information on the Freemover Application Process

Freemover enrollment at UMR is possible for one or two semesters

(1) if you are enrolled at a university abroad which does not have a bilateral agreement (i.e., no university partnership) with UMR,

(2) if you are not participating in an exchange program (for example the International Student Exchange Program / ISEP, Hessen-Wisconsin Student Exchange),

In order to successfully participate in classes conducted in German, students are advised to have a German language proficiency at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Level B2 is equivalent to 600-800 hours of German. Please note that we do not ask for any kind of documentation/language certificate that is to be submitted along with your application as a freemover. The B2 level recommendation merely serves as a reference and is not mandatory for admission at UMR.

Note: Due to the increasingly high number of students, the faculty of medicine is unfortunately not able to accept any Freemover applications.

Please note that your contact person and application procedures may vary depending on your country of origin:

Application as a Freemover:

Please contact Ms Anna Dinges via e-mail at  . You will be forwarded all the necessary information about study options at UMR and specifics on the application process.

Application Deadlines:

For summer term enrollment: January 15.

For enrollment for the winter term: July 15.

Please make sure to indicate (in the subject line of your e-mail) that you would like to apply as a freemover.


We recommend that you take care of your housing arrangements in Marburg as early as possible!

As a first step, you are welcome to apply for housing in one of our students dorms that are operated by the Studentenwerk (i.e. the Student Union) Marburg. Please use the online registration form to apply for accommodation in the dorms. Applications are processed by the student housing office which is also in charge of the housing arrangements. Kindly note that the International Office has no authority whatsoever in all matters relating to student accommodation.

The Studentenwerk will get in touch with you once you’ve registered. If you do not receive a response from the housing office within four weeks of submitting your application, contact the Studentenwerk directly. Their contact information is listed here.

Note: Getting a room in the student dorms is very hard. We highly recommend to look for accommodation on the private market while waiting for the Studentenwerk to get back to you. Check out our accommodation brochure for more information on how to look for a room in Marburg. Please read the information carefully.