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Germany and Europe in a Turbulent World - History, Politics, Society, and Culture

Today’s world is characterized by crisis, tension and conflict. Germany and the European Union are not unaffected by these dynamics. New political antagonisms have emerged since the end of the Cold War. European Integration, successful for many years, is facing great challenges not only because of BREXIT but also due to migration and international terrorism. Right wing populism and authoritarianism seem on the rise again, and the dynamics of the Corona pandemic have already left their marks both in national societies and international relations. What all this implies for politics and society in Germany and Europe will be the central topic of this years program. By focusing on selected topics, the International Summer University will deepen the understanding of current developments and conflicts in a historical context and will also look into possibilities of overcoming such conflicts. You will be able to select two academic seminars, take German language course, choose a supplement course and join our excursions to destinations in Germany. 

We are proud to offer you a unique experience and program. The International Summer University gives you an amazing opportunity to dive into German culture and experience University life in Marburg for four weeks, while enhancing your knowledge on politics, history and international relations. There will be no room for loneliness or boredom, but instead loads of wonderful opportunities to make new friends and getting to know more about Hessen, Germany and Europe.

Through the International Summer University programs, the Hessen institutions of higher learning offer students from around the world the opportunity to learn about current issues from various fields and partake in German classes. You can be one of them and join us in Marburg, to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of a medium sized university town with a wonderful historical ambience. Find out more about the Hessen International Summer Universities below!