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Our Mission Statement

Our vision:

"We provide humans and society with sustainable input and ideas to positively shape the world of tomorrow."

Center for Synthetic Microbiology, ZSM II, glass front and landscaped courtyard
Photo: Markus Farnung

The University of Marburg has been holding its ground in the continuity of change for nearly 500 years. Following our vision, we strive to empower people and society to be able to act confidently in a rapidly changing world and to work for the well-being of people and the environment. To this end, we adhere to the following guiding principles:

With curiosity and responsibility, we create well-founded knowledge

Guided by curiosity and responsibility, our research creates well-founded knowledge about people and the world. We utilize our disciplinary diversity and direct lines of communication to find pioneering answers to the challenges of our time and to develop sustainable future-oriented concepts for the world of tomorrow. Our degree and training programs reflect our research. Flexibility in study program design enables our students to pursue their interests and shape their own personalized profile. We are committed to sharing our knowledge with society. We support our university members in translating their ideas into social and economic solutions to preserve and shape a world worth living in.

Diversity and respect inspire our actions

With openness and mutual respect, we welcome all people to the University of Marburg. We help each other and encourage people to blaze their own trail. To this end, we offer support and modern working conditions for a variety of life phases, plans, and needs. We couple equality with diversity. We support our talents and accompany them on their way to academic independence. We build international bridges and promote interdisciplinary exchange, chance encounters, and the collective creation of ideas.

We’ve mastered change – for nearly 500 years

Change and new beginnings have shaped our university since its founding in 1527. We treat all individuals who are and have been involved with the university with appreciation, from those who study, research, teach, to those who make science possible here. In doing so, we critically reflect on our past and learn from it for the future. We are committed to peace, freedom, and democracy, and we design our science and university in a sustainable way. We are a community of an intergenerational exchange of knowledge, ideas, and solutions between all who want to make a difference. We are Generation Marburg.