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Eine algebraische Fläche vom Grad 6 (eine "Sextik"), die 65 Singularitäten besitzt.
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Burchardus MithobiusMathematicians have been researching and teaching in Marburg since the founding of the Philipps-Universität in 1527. In the early centuries there was generally only one professor of mathematics, who was also active in another academic discipline. This changed with the founding of the "Mathematics Institute" in the Wintersemester 1885/86 and with the establishment of a second full professorship for mathematics one year prior.
Heinrich Weber

A detailed description of the history of mathematics in Marburg up until World War II can be found in the presentation "A Look Back at the Development of Mathematics in Marburg" by Prof. Karl Bernhard Gundlach from 1985, which was held at the department’s 100th anniversary celebration.
In February 2011 the 125th anniversary was also duly celebrated, together with the reopening of the mathematical model collection. In his speech, "125 Years of the Mathematics Institute -A Journey through the Past Decades," Prof. Wolfgang Gromes provided insight that included more recent developments.

On the occasion of this celebratory colloquium, the history of the department was starting to be recorded systematically. It was divided into the following categories:

FB 12, Haupteingang* Pictures: here you will find two image panels, one with the Marburg mathematics professors and one with the buildings in which mathematics was housed over the years.

* Eyewitness accounts: these are personal memories of former students reminiscing about their days as students in Marburg and their professors from the 1930’s to the 1970’s.

* Biographical information: in addition to a collection of short biographies for all the professors who commenced their work here prior to 1991, there is also a collection of detailed biographies and obituaries of the most famous Marburg mathematicians.

* Documents: Old degree examination regulations, library stamps and copies from the institute’s files provide a look at the past of mathematics in Marburg. Additional documents can also be found in the Schottky obituary.

So the history of the department is by no means complete - it is still being written every day by those still active, piece by piece. We hope that the most recent history will also be recorded in due time, in particular the development of computer science in Marburg.

Marburg, in the month of September 2011

Ilka Agricola, Wolfgang Gromes

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