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Welcome to the Faculty of Physics

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Located in the centre of the historic and picturesque old town between the town hall and the castle, the physics department is steeped in tradition. The list of distinguished scientists who studied and/or taught physics in Marburg is long, among them Denis Papin, Alfred Wegener and Otto Hahn.

We take pride in the department’s history and are just as proud of the way tradition has paved the way for outstanding state of the art scientific research, with, e.g., semiconductor physics being internationally renowned for cutting edge research. Further major areas of research include – among others – physics of complex systems, astronomy, biophysics, and optics.

The department offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses as well as secondary teacher training courses and with only 500 students, it is small but has a lot going for it, like e.g., excellent support and guidance for students. So, if you are looking for an institution with an outstanding reputation in teaching and research …

… studying physics in Marburg is a brilliant choice!

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Noack, Dean of the Faculty of Physics

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New: Master's Program "Functional Materials"

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Die Gerling-Sternwarte - Denkmaltag 10. September 2017
Am 12. Oktober 1841 nahm Christian Ludwig Gerling seine neu errichtete Sternwarte in Betrieb. Die in den folgenden Jahren dort durchgeführten ...

SFB 1083 Special Colloquium, Thursday, 06.07.2015, 17:15 h, Großer Hörsaal, Renthof 5, FB Physik
"The Sublime Utility of Useless Science" - Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Pedro M. Echenique (Donostia International Physics Center, San Sebastián, Spain)

Wie Bakterien sich aus der Falle schrauben
Interdisziplinäres Team der Universitäten Gießen und Marburg entdeckt ungewöhnliche Bewegungsform von Bakterien in Sedimenten

DFG-Sonderforschungsbereich „Innere Grenzflächen“ um vier Jahre verlängert
Weitere 10,5 Millionen Euro für Marburger Physiker und Chemiker

200 Jahre Berufung Gerlings an die Marburger Universität
Philipps-Universität gedachte der Gründung des Marburger Mathematisch-Physikalischen Instituts im Mai 1817

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