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Recent Publications - Priv. Doz. Dr. Christof Taxis

Lutz AP, Renicke C, Taxis C (2016). Controlling Protein Activity and Degradation Using Blue Light. Methods Mol Biol 1408: 67-78.

Renicke C, Taxis C (2016). Biophotography: concepts, applications and perspectives. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol 100: 3415-3420.

Paul VD, Mühlenhoff U, Stümpfig M, Seebacher J, Kugler KG, Renicke C, Taxis C, Gavin AC, Pierik AJ, Lill R (2015). The deca-GX3 proteins Yae1-Lto1 function as adaptors recruiting the ABC protein Rli1 for iron-sulfur cluster insertion. Elife 4: e08231.

Taxis C (2015). A safety catch for ornithine decarboxylase degradation. Microbial Cell 2: 174-177.

Usherenko S, Stibbe H, Muscò M, Essen LO, Kostina EA, Taxis C (2014). Photo-sensitive degron variants for tuning protein stability by light.BMC Syst Biol 8: 128.

Renicke C, Spadaccini R, Taxis C (2013). A tobacco etch virus protease with increased substrate tolerance at the P1' position. PLoS One 8: e67915.

Renicke C, Schuster D, Usherenko S, Essen LO, Taxis C (2013). A LOV2 domain-based optogenetic tool to control protein degradation and cellular function. Chem Biol 20: 619-626.

Jungbluth M, Mösch HU, Taxis C (2012). Acetate regulation of spore formation is under the control of the Ras/cyclic AMP/protein kinase A pathway and carbon dioxide in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Eukaryot Cell 11: 1021-1032.

Taxis C, Knop M (2012). TIPI: TEV protease-mediated induction of protein instability. Methods Mol Biol 832: 611-626.

Jungbluth M, Renicke C, Taxis C (2010). Targeted protein depletion in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by activation of a bidirectional degron. BMC Syst Biol 29: 176.

Taxis C, Stier G, Spadaccini R and Knop M. (2009). Efficient protein depletion by genetically controlled deprotection of a dormant N-degron. Mol Syst Biol. 5: 267.

Maier P, Rathfelder N, Finkbeiner MG, Taxis C, Mazza M, Le Panse S, Haguenauer-Tsapis R and Knop M (2007). Cytokinesis in yeast meiosis depends on the regulated removal of Ssp1p from the prospore membrane. EMBO J 26:1843-1852.

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