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Cell Biology

Cell Biology I

Prof. Dr. Uwe Maier

Scientific Focus

Photosynthetic capacity of plant cells was not a proprietary development instead they incorporated and integrated a cyanobacteria-like prokaryotic cell, which was subsequently reduced to a plastid. In contrast, plastids of many algal cells as well as some important parasites were derived from photosynthetically active eukaryotes, which were reduced into complex plastids after integration in the host cell. This process, known as secondary endosymbiosis, is studied in our work group.
In particular, we focus on cell biological questions arising from secondary endosymbiosis and the resulting biological consequences, e.g. the transport of proteins across membranes, the characterization of protein functions.
A second point is the reorganisation and combination of genomes caused by symbioses. These phenomena are studied in genome projects in which especially protist genomes are being analyzed. A further central project in our group is the evolutionary and genomic analysis of bacterial symbionts of eukaryotes.


Prof. Dr. Uwe Maier
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Dr. Stefan Zauner

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Plant Cell Biology

Prof. Dr. Stefan Rensing

Scientific Focus

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Prof. Dr. Stefan Rensing
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