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Overview of the Degree Programmes Available at the Centre for Conflict Studies


The Centre for Conflict Studies offers two possible pathways to study Peace and Conflict Studies: as a minor component or as a Masters degree. This section provides a detailed overview of the department as well as up-to-date information for current students:

The Centre for Conflict Studies offers two MA Programmes: the MA Programme "Peace and Conflict Studies" and the International Double Award "Peace and Conflict Studies".


Important: Please note that the approval process for the two Master's Degree Programmes are conducted separately. Therefore please apply separately  to the course of your choice.


The aim of our teaching is to guide students in critical and problem-oriented thinking and action. In addition, the methodology of the "learning" (vs. teaching) will give students the ability to recognize and analyse complex relationships. On the one hand, this capability refers to the complex field of relations and, on the other hand, it refers to the social life-world in which creative and critical thinking is required. Our concern, therefore, is to provide analytical and practical skills in the field of Peace and Conflict Research. Here, the analytical side requires the ability analyse actual complex conflicts, their history, their causes and agents, and to develop perspectives on peace, settlement or the resolution of conflicts. In addition, practical skills are acquired in order to participate in the handling of conflicts.

In dealing with specific content we place special emphasis on a problem-oriented method of teaching and learning through discussion where we rely on working in small groups using methods such as role plays and simulations, scenario modelling and video presentations. This methodology is used particularly at the Master's level but is also used in the basic modules of the Bachelor's and External programmes. Examples include the Conflict Intervention Simulation (CIS) game in the Master's programme and the Rosanien Simulation Game [link to simulation games] in the Bachelor programme in the area of forms of conflict resolution. In the introductory course for the Bachelor in Peace and Conflict Studies it is a tradition that the students deal with a conflict situation, independently in small groups, and do so in a creative way such as presenting a play or film sequences to convey the knowledge gained.

Students of Peace and Conflict Research benefit from the interdisciplinary nature of the Centre, which include the faculties of political science, sociology, psychology and cultural studies. As part of our problem-oriented teaching students will have the opportunity to become antiquated with complex problems associated with current conflict scenarios and potential approaches from different perspectives.


Master programmes                                                                

Master's Degree 

  • Since the winter semester of 2004/05, the Centre for Conflict Studies has offered a Master's degree in Peace and Conflict Studies.

International Double Award "Peace and Conflict Studies"

  • Since the winter term 2011/2012, the Centre for Conflict Studies together with the University of Kent offer the international double degree M.A. programme "Peace and Conflict Studies" (PACS).


Minor Studies and Export Modules                                           

Minor for Magister and Diplom Students

  • The Centre for Conflict Studies offers the only minor in Peace and Conflict Studies available to Magister and Diplom students in Germany.

Export Module for Bachelor and Other Master's Degrees

  • Bachelor students and Master`s students in other departments can also get credit for classes in Peace and Conflict Studies via this export module.                                             


Research and Teaching                                          

Conflict Intervention Simulation

  • The conflict intervention is a simulation designed for the master's program for peace and conflict research event
  • The seminar is a good example of the successful combination of science and practice, in which participants learn strategies for de-escalating external conflicts not only theoretical but also practical test.

Rosanien Simulation Game

  • This is the first simulation available in Germany that allows students to simulate conflict escalation and peace processes on different levels of society.

General hints regarding studies                                      

Secretariat and Student Advising

  • Additional questions about the Centre for Conflict Studies’ degree programs can be forwarded to the secretariat.


Student Council

  • Find out about the student council for Peace and Conflict Studies department here.

Writing Workshop

  •  Different documents on the topic of scientific work are available here.




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