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Bannergrafik (Iranistik)
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Khosh âmadid

Iranian Studies in Marburg

Iranian Studies is a philological discipline, dealing with Iranian languages and literatures in all their variety. Here in Marburg we understand it as a field of study that analyses the historical, religious, social and cultural dimensions of Iranian peoples from antiquity to modern times.

The department of Iranian Studies at the Centre for Near and Middle Eastern Studies was established in 2007. On the basis of intensive language training in modern Persian, our study programmes will provide you with an in-depth understanding of Iranian cultures and societies. The geographical focus in research and teaching is present-day Iran with its neighbouring countries, in particular Afghanistan and Tajikistan. We offer a major in Iranian Studies as part of the B.A. "Oriental Studies" and there is an independent M.A. course "Iranian Studies". Of course you can apply for a Ph.D. in Iranian Studies as well. We have a strong research focus in Iranian history, ranging from the Mongol period up to the 20th century, but we also welcome students interested in literature and comparative cultural studies.

All members of our academic staff will be glad to answer any questions you might have.


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