06.05.2022 Cultural Heritage in Cyberspace: Education, Preservation, and Access

Call for Interns

The German-Egyptian DAAD-funded project “Cultural Heritage in Cyberspace: Education, Preservation, and Access” seeks interns for the year 2022. We encourage students in Islamic Studies, Arabic Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Heritage Studies, and Digital Humanities to apply for one of the internships. By augmenting their technical and professional abilities, prospective interns can enhance their qualifications for academic careers and other professions relating to manuscripts and cultural heritage.

Requirements and qualifications
• Graduate students or doctoral students in the fields of Islamic Studies, Arabic Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Heritage Studies, Library and Information Science, Archaeology, Heritage Conservation, and Digital Humanities
• Basic knowledge of heritage research, conservation, digitization, and promotion
• Outstanding academic and technical portfolio
• Excellent management and communication skills
• Good command of English
• Abilities to work within international teams of experts

Duties and responsibilities
• Active participation in the academic and technical activities of the hosting institutions in Germany and Egypt
• Interns are required to write a final report upon completion of the internship. Reports must be electronically submitted to the project coordinator, Dr. Hala Ghoname (email: hala.ghoname@staff.uni-marburg.de)

Germany and Egypt

One month

hosting institutions

In Germany:
- Philipps University of Marburg, University Library
- Saxon Academy of Sciences, Leipzig, Bibliotheca Arabica
- Gotha Research Library
- MENAlib/FID Halle
In Egypt:
- Cairo University

- 'Ayn Shams University

- National Library and Archives of Egypt

Number of openings
- 3 internships for German students
- 3 internships for Egyptian students

Required application material
- Curriculum Vitae
- Motivation letter

Please note that there are no application forms to be filled out; only the aforementioned documents are required.

What is covered?
- Flight tickets
- One-month living allowance up to EUR 1,025.00

Applicants should list their preferred hosting institutions

Deadline for applications: 31 May 2022.

The actual start of the internship:

The winter semester of 2022 (Any month with the period from September to December).

For further inquiries, please contact:

Project Manager:

Project Coordinator: