04.04.2022 Welcome back at the Center for Conflict Studies, Dr. Tareq Sydiq

Foto: Privat

We are welcoming back Dr. Tareq Sydiq at the Center for Conflict Studies. Starting in April, he will be working in the postcolonial hierarchies project as a research fellow. He will be working on the interconnections of colonial security and postcolonial participatory politics.

Tareq worked at the Center before as a researcher while conducting his PhD. His thesis on political participation under authoritarianism in Iran was defended last year and is scheduled for publication this year. During this time, Tareq has worked as a guest researcher at the Center for Relational Studies on Global Crises in Chiba, Japan.

His research addresses participator political processes, which can be more contentious or more collaborative vis-a-vis a repressive state. He has written on social movements, opposition in authoritarianism, non-Western thought and generational conceptualizations of youth conflicts. His work is based on an interdisciplinary approach drawing from anthropology, sociology and political science alike. He interested in Asia as a whole, working on multiple sub-regions of the continent from a comparative perspective.