Zentrumskolloquium im Sommersemester 2019

29. April 2019
Werner Distler (Center for Conflict Studies): Politics of Security or Politics versus Security in International Statebuilding?
Julius Heise (Center for Conflict Studies): “Give Unification or We Perish” — Securitization of the Ewe and Togoland: Unification Problem under United Nations Trusteeship (1946-1960)

13. Mai 2019
Philipp Schultheiß (Center for Conflict Studies): Soldiers Reacting to Transitional Justice Mechanisms: the Case of Former Soldiers of the National People‘s Army
Miriam Tekath (Center for Conflict Studies): “Little Security Nothings” and Everyday Conflicts: the Securitization of the French Language in Québec

27. Mai 2019
David Mwambari
(Ghent University): Prayers, Commemorations and the Politics of Unity in Northern Uganda
Anna-Lena Hönig (Mannheim University): Shrinking Spaces or New Opportunities? NGO Cooperation in Kazakhstan

24. Juni 2019
Alexandra Engelsdorfer (Center for Conflict Studies): Reality or Utopia? Theoretical Considerations on In-Between Spaces
Carmen Lienen (Social Psychology): Social Representations of history and nationhood in times of political change

08. Juli 2019
Susanne Buckley-Zistel & Anne Menzel (Center for Conflict Studies): Redressing Sexual Violence in Truth Commissions: the Labelling of Women as Victims and its Social Repercussions
Stefanie Bock (International Research and Documentation Center for War Crimes Trials): Individuelle Verantwortlichkeit für kollektive Gewalttaten - Überlegungen zur strafrechtlichen Sanktionierung des Angriffskrieges