Wintersemester 2019/2020

Sergey Rumyansev (Azerbaijan) 
Many Exciting Thoughts and Feelings are Caused by this Word - ‚Sevastopol‘.
The Heroic Myth of the City of Russian Marines
Juan Carlos Arboleda (Chile) 
Memory in Reparation Policies.
A Comparative Study between Chile and Colombia

Douglas Neander Sambati (Brazil)    
The Romani Social Movements as one Kind of Nationalism.
A Historical Sociological Overview
Ruslan Baramidze (Georgia) 
Identity, Place and Power.
Ideological Dimension of Urban Conflict in Batumi (Georgia)

Kristine Avram (Marburg) 
A Kaleidoscopic View of Narratives about the Past in Romania
Thorsten Bonacker (Marburg) 
UN Trusteeship as a Laboratory of International Governing

Hubert Zimmermann (Marburg) 
Legitimising Foreign Military Intervention: The American Debate
Charlotte Dany (Koblenz) 
Humanitarianism and Military Interventions.
Ethical Dilemmas for Humanitarian NGOs

Estefania Lopez (Frankfurt/Marburg)
Spatial Order of a Divided Society.
Production and Appropriation of Conflict Spaces in Mozambique
Carrie Dohe (Marburg) 
Gemeinsamer Boden oder abgezäuntes Territorium?
Kooperation und Konflikt im interreligiösen