Sommersemester 2024 / Summer Term 2024

The Center Colloquium takes place several times a semester and is a regular meeting point for the CCS staff. However, the Center Colloquium welcomes not only faculty members but also students enrolled in the CCS’ Master’s degree programmes and interested colleagues from the university.

Typically, each session includes two lectures in English, each lasting 15-20 minutes, followed by a discussion. The colloquium takes place every Monday from 12:00-14:00 s.t. in room +2/0140 at Ketzerbach 63, which is the meeting room of the Dean's Office in Department 03.


Farnaz Dezfouli Asl (University of Giessen, CRC 138, PRIF)
Implementation of International Humanitarian Law: a Comparative: Analysis on the Role of United Nations Human Rights Council Fact-Finding Missions

Maria Lüdecke & Stéphane Voell (University of Marburg, CCS)
Integrating Service Learning in Peace & Conflict Studies Internships (INSPIRE)


Vera Axyonova (University of Vienna, POLCOM)
Winning Europe’s Hearts and Minds: Ukrainian Think Tanks as Wartime Diplomacy Actors

Kristine Andra Avram (University of Marburg, CCS)
Introducing the Staged Narrative Analysis


Dalilah Shemia-Goeke (University of Marburg, CCS)
Excavating Forgotten Strategies: from Labour Studies to Civil Resistance against Transnational Corporations, hybrid

Alvaro Okura (University of Londrina, guest researcher CCS)
Burn them Down: Notes on a Radical Anticolonial Contestation


Mahitab Ali (University of Marburg, CNMS)
Refugee Recruitment and Refoulement in the Aegean Sea

Monika Thakur (Algoma University, guest researcher CRC 138)
 “Moving the Centre”: the Exclusion and Erasure of the Global South in International Security Studies


Prisca Jöst-Brenneis & Lukas Rädle (University of Marburg, CCS)
 Politicians, Policies, and the Reproduction of Wealth

Philipp Naucke (University of Marburg, Anthropology)
 Sacrifice Zones in the Americas – What’s in a name?

This Summer Term, the Center Colloquium by Sophia Castellanos, Filipp Semyonov and Stéphane Voell