16.07.2019 English Course Lehre@Philipp-Preis - Revolution & Reaction: The Sixties in the US

Foto: Colourbox.de

This course will be conducted in a unique international-tandem format, which means that students will interact with a group of learners in the United States in order to improve their language and intercultural skills.  Dr. Steven Foulke of Ottawa University will be parallel-teaching the course on his campus. Students will follow lectures and participate in discourse with their counterparts abroad using free Internet teleconferencing software. In addition, students will be paired (or grouped) with their American counterparts for small group discussions and project work, with use of a shared media blackboard. In this course we will put the great rift of today's political landscape in the US into historical context by examining a similar period of unrest half a century ago. We will be looking at selections from works of literature and film from and about the 1960s to better understand developments in politics. This innovative course concept was awarded the Lehre@Philipp prize for 2018.