09.06.2022 Guest Lecture SAP

Foto: Sebastian Behrendt

In the last years, the area of controlling faced many developments and changes. Even SAP has been confronted with new innovative processes in this field, opening up new paths and strategic opportunities. With the new concept of the Digital Board Room, as a central data source for providing important business figures and simulating results in real time, SAP is setting completely new standards.

According to SAP’s CFO Luka Mucic, the area and responsibilities of a CFO are characterized by a profound change. Whereas CFOs used to be seen as stewards in their company, whose key focus was on safeguarding business continuity and liquidity, they are now right in the middle of business transformation, taking on a new strategic and holistic role to become an intelligent company.

The Chair of Entrepreneurship & Innovative Business Models is is looking forward to welcoming Sebastian Behrendt (Chief Controlling Officer) and Markus Michel (Executive Business Senior Assistant to the CCO) from SAP and having a great exchange with our bachelor students in the „Kosten- und Leistungsrechnung” module (on site!).  

When & where?
- Wednesday, 22.06.2022 at 12:00 am
- Hörsaalgebäude 00/0030

For all of those who are curious about our SAP Guest Lecture, feel free to join us in the room 00/0030 (HSG). We are looking forward to an exciting guest lecture with an interesting discussion round.