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International exchange promote interdisciplinary and intercultural competences, which are becoming increasingly important for international studies and professional careers. The University of Marburg offers students the opportunity to expand subject-related knowledge, to build up an international network, to learn different languages, to explore cultures and to gain important soft skills through numerous support programs, exchange opportunities and scholarships.

Students of the Department of Economics have a variety of opportunities to spend a stay abroad. In addition to studying abroad, first professional experience can be gained as part of an internship abroad.

The Erasmus+ program offers the opportunity to study or to gain work experience through a traineeship or internship abroad in the Erasmus+ Program countries and Partner countries. Participants may receive an Erasmus+ grant as a contribution to the travel and subsistence costs.

For worldwide destinations the University of Marburg has numerous cooperations with partner university across the globe. Grants and scholarships for a stay abroad in non-European countries are offered for example by PROMOS program and DAAD.