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Learning Agreement, Recognition and Transfer of Foreign Credits

Learning Agreement and Recognition of Foreign Credits

The prerequisite for successful recognition of foreign credits is the recognition of planned courses and the learning agreement before your mobility. The Learning Agreement is a study agreement that ensures recognition of foreign credits and should therefore only list courses that can actually be credited and transferred. The foreign credits are transferred according to the Learning Agreements after your study abroad period.

After being nominated at the partner university by the ECTS Coordinator you will receive information about available courses in order to begin planning your study abroad. Before the start of the study abroad, your study plan and credits have to be recognized and approved by the ECTS Coordinator. 

The prerequisite and basis for recognition of foreign credits is the Learning Agreement. The recognition of foreign credits (Business & Economics) is based on an overall assessment and overall evaluation with special consideration of the qualification goals. Modules completed abroad can be credited, provided there is no "significant difference" in

  • the level and content of the competences and learning outcomes acquired and to be acquired
  • the Workload/ ECTS
  • and in the quality and profile of the study, which would compromise the requirements of the study and qualification goals in the study program at the School of Business and Economics.

The examination regulations (PO), study plan, and module overview of the specific study program, outline modules for a study abroad without obligatory content or specific qualification goals facilitating recognition and credit transfer:

B.Sc. BWL Wahlbereich BWL Ausland Schlüsselqualifikation, Wirtschaftsenglisch
B.Sc. VWL Angewandte Institutionen Ökonomie Profilbereich Interdisziplinär (Interdisziplinär Ausland, BWL Ausland, SQ)
B.Sc. Interkulturelle BWL Schwerpunktbereich BWL Ausland IWKS IC / EM Ausland I & II
M.Sc. Business Administration Wahlbereich BWL Ausland Schlüsselqualifikation
M.Sc. Intercultural Business Studies Interdisciplinary (Culture) Abroad I& II Interdisciplinary (Language) Abroad  Research Methods Abroad
M.Sc. Economics and Institutions Applied Institutional Economics Elective, KQ
M.Sc. Economics of the Middle East Elective

  • Before Mobility: Join the ILIAS Group

    Join the ILIAS Group Outgoings! Read the quick guide and the presentation before starting to plan your study (courses and recognition) abroad.

  • Before Mobility: Course Selection

    After being nominated at the partner university by the ECTS Coordinator you will receive information about available courses in order to begin planning your study abroad. The School of Business and Economics recommends completing a regular semester, corresponding to a full-time student with 24 to 30 ECTS, at the host university. Take into account that exchange programs, scholarships, and the host universities generally require credits corresponding to a full-time student. Select your courses from the course catalog of your host university (if not available, use the course catalog of the previous year). Review the module lists in Appendix 2 and 3 of the examination regulations and the module handbook of your study program for the selection of your courses at the host university.

  • Before Mobility: Recognition

    Complete the recognition form and send it by e-mail to the ECTS coordinator for approval. Fill in both your first choice and potential alternative courses. Provide the course descriptions or syllabi of the courses of the host university and a recent transcript of records * Recognition Form *. Recognition of Interdisciplinary modules/ modules from other faculties have to be requested with the respective faculty according to the import module list of your study program.
  • Before Mobility: Learning Agreement

    Create your Learning Agreement on the basis of the confirmed recognition form. Complete the steps in your mobility online workflow to create and submit the Learning Agreement. The Learning Agreement should only contain courses and credits that can actually be credited. Your credits have to be transferred according to the Learning Agreement after the stay abroad. Courses or credits that cannot or should not be recognized must be reported with "Extra Curricular" and 0 ECTS in the Learning Agreement.  The Erasmus+ Learning Agreement must be uploaded duly signed to Mobility Online before the stay abroad. Take into account the partner universities can have specific deadlines for the Learning Agreements. Students in other exchange programs should have finalized their Learning Agreement no later than three weeks after the start of lectures at the partner university. Students are responsible for ensuring that the modules agreed on in the Learning Agreement can be credited after the stay abroad and that they have not been completed in the semester preceding the stay.

  • Abroad: Learning Agreement Changes

    Changes to the Learning Agreement can only be made within the first 4 weeks after the start of the lecture. The process is analogous to the Learning Agreement Before Mobility.

  • After Mobility: Transfer of Credits

    After your stay abroad, your host university will confirm your credits in a Transcript of Records (ToR). Please send the original ToR, together with the completed transfer of credits form "Nachmeldung" and your Learning Agreement to the school's international student advisory service. The grades are converted according to Examination Committee Regulation on the uniform conversion of grades.  In the case of less than six equidistantly distributed grades (of which the worst score indicates a pass mark), 15 grade points are awarded if there is an explicit certificate that all requirements have been met completely and outstandingly.

  • After Mobility: Certificate of Equivalence (Äquivalenzbescheinigung)

    The Transcript of Records of the stay abroad and a Transcript of Records with credits transferred as well as a certificate of recognition/certificate of equivalence will be deposited for collection in the School´s Library as soon as the credits have been transferred. Erasmus+ Students: Make sure that you complete all steps in Mobility Online as required for the mobility grant. The LA After Mobility does not have to be completed, upload the Certificate of Equivalence instead.

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