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Practical Placement

Practical Placement Internships abroad promote the transfer of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, intercultural skills, and personal development in an international professional context.

Internships in European and non-European partner universities and partner countries can be supported by the Erasmus+ program (Erasmus Practical Placements). Studies and internships abroad can also be combined. Students receive an Erasmus+ mobility grant plus further benefits, advisory services, and support in the organization of an internship. The coordination of internships within the Erasmus+ program is carried out by the European Education Programs Department. Information about internships worldwide, other internship programs, and scholarship opportunities can be found on the website of the International Office

Recognition of Practical Placement

Voluntary internships may be recognized for up to 6 credits in programs that include the "key qualifications" or "internship module". The Examinations Office may issue letters of recommendation for the application but is unable to certify mandatory internships.