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All beginnings are hard. To begin in a new city and get used to procedures in an unfamiliar university can be challenging. Students beginning the Master’s programme in International Business Management are not left to face these challenges alone. In the first week of the programme, the School of Business and Economics' Student Council and returning students put together an exciting programme for new students (orientation week), during which they can get to know the city, the university, their fellow students and their professors, as well as taking the first organisational steps towards planning their studies. Students are asked to register in order to take part in orientation week (see the website of the Student Council of the School of Business and Economics - website only available in German).

An introductory course from the programme coordinator's office which is specially tailored to the needs of International Business Management students introduces the School, provides an introduction into the structure of the programme and gives students the opportunity to ask open questions about how their studies will be organised.

Next Steps

  • Student Council (orientation week)
  • Important notes for new students (English version is available in the second half of the document)
  • At the University Service Center (Biegenstraße 10) you will receive a book, "Tips and Notes for New Students", which contains detailed information.
  • Your programme coordinator will notify you as to the date of the introductory course before the semester begins.

The "Contact and Information" section contains important links and lists the contact persons who are available if you have any more questions.