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General Information about the Master’s Degree in Marburg and Paris

The International Business Management program is a joint program of the Department of Economics of the University of Marburg and the Grande Ecole INSEEC Business School, France. It is designed as a consecutive, predominantly research-oriented Master's programme that lasts four semesters. The strong international orientation is not only reflected in the teaching, but also in a mandatory internship abroad. The teaching languages for students from Marburg are German and English.

The programme is characterised by the following characteristics:

  • The programme typically takes 2 years to complete (4 semesters), over which students must earn 120 credits
  • Of these, students spend 2 semesters in Marburg and 2 semesters in Paris, Bordeaux or Chambéry
  • The programme prepares students for work in a management position and/or a doctorate
  • The programme has a theoretical focus and includes a mandatory internship in France
  • Study in accordance with the European Credit Transfer System
  • Double degree programme

Advantages of the Master's Degree

  • The Master's degree is an internationally recognised qualification, to be completed in two years (120 credits), which provides ideal preparation for work in a management or specialist position or for a future doctorate.
  • In addition to expertise in business administration, you will acquire strong knowledge of methods (quantitative methods, statistics) and key qualifications (internal career advancement, presentation techniques, project management).
  • This is the ideal way to prepare students for the working world, which is characterised by lifelong learning.

Target Audience and Requirements

The Master's programme is open to graduates of Bachelor's programmes in relevant subjects, i.e. students with Bachelor’s degrees from the School of Business and Economics and those with comparable qualifying degrees from universities in Germany or abroad. At least 60 credit points (CP) must have been earned in economics subjects in the completed course.
In addition, methodological skills in the form of at least 10 CP in the fields of mathematics, statistics, operations research, econometrics or empirical economic research must be available.


The website of the School of Business and Economics provides insight into research activities at the School.


No tuition is charged for the Master’s programme in International Business Management. Students are only required to pay the University’s standard semester fee of about € 330 per semester for the duration of their studies. Tuition at INSEEC Business School will be waived.