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RTG International

The RTG 2271 unites research experts from all around the globe and provides manifold opportunities to connect and share ideas. Find out more about all the international collaborators who have been invited to share their knowledge and hold workshops for the members of the RTG. Many of our PhD students have also visited collaborating labs abroad and completed interesting research stays during their PhD.

International Collaborators

Invited Researchers

Numerous German as well as international experts have been invited to speak to the members of the RTG or share their knowledge through workshops and seminars, for example:

Lab visits and research stays

Nils Bergmann: Italy, University of Verona, Emergent Attention Lab, supervised by Prof. Dr. Leonardo Chelazzi (November 2019)

Annuska Berz: USA, University of Davis, California (October – December 2019)

Marcel Binz: USA, Harvard University, supervised by Samuel Gershman (September – December 2019)

Merle Buchholz: USA, Brown University, supervised by Joachim Krueger (September – October 2019)

Martina Dort: Austria, Ludwig-Boltzmann-Gesellschaft Wien (June 2019)

Aylin Hanne: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, supervised by Prof. Dr. Heleen Slagter (November 2022)

Zahra Khosrowtaj: Belgium, Université catholique de Louvain, supervised by Prof. Dr. Vincent Yzerbyt (December 2019)

Lea Nahon: USA, University of Texas at Austin, supervised by Bertram Gawronski (2022)

Inga Pauls: Australia, Flinders University, Adelaide, supervised by Emma Thomas (October – November 2019)

Nivethini Sangarapillai: Brazil, State University of Maringá, supervised by Prof. Weffort de Oliveira

Oliver Schmidt: Oslo, Norway, Social Psychology Research Group, supervised by Prof. Dr. Rolf Reber (April 2023)

Nino Sharvashidze: University of Bologna, Italy, supervised by Prof. Dr. Matteo Valsecchi (March- April 2022)

Matthias Sperl: USA, Harvard Medical School, Boston, supervised by Prof. Dr. Diego A. Pizzagalli (February – August 2018)

Christopher Stolz: UK, Goldsmiths, University of London, supervised by Prof. Alan D. Pickering (November – December 2019)

Anna Enrica Strelow: Austria, Ludwig-Boltzmann-Gesellschaft, Vienna (July 2019)

Maria Willadsen: Netherlands, Donders Institute, supervised by Judith R. Homberg (November 2019)