Gizem Cetin

Gizem Cetin

Research Fellow

Contact information

gizem.cetin@ 1 Frankfurter Straße 35
35032 Marburg
Anmietung FB04 Prof. Christiansen (Room: 107 resp. +1/107)

Organizational unit

Philipps-Universität Marburg Psychologie (Fb04) AG Kinder- und Jugendpsychologie Educational Neuroscience

Gizem has received her Bachelor’s in Neuroscience from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill where
she investigated language-related white matter development in infants at high-genetic risk for autism using
imaging and behavioral methods for her thesis.

Her current doctoral project aims to investigate the white
matter connections of the “math network” in children before and after they receive schooling in order to track
their math abilities in tandem with the maturation of these connections using a multimodal approach (fMRI,
dMRI, and behavioral data).

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