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Expert Panel:

As is customary for internationally peer-reviewed journals, ZDL works with a set Editorial Board consisting of leading representatives of the field. In addition, in individual cases, relevant colleagues are asked for a review. The panel consists of:

Peter Auer (Freiburg)

Helen Christen (Freiburg/Fribourg)

Antje Dammel (Münster)

Elvira Glaser (Zürich)   

Rüdiger Harnisch (Passau)

Joachim Herrgen (Marburg)                

Frans Hinskens (Amsterdam)                

Alexandra Lenz (Wien)                 

B. Richard Page (Pennsylvania State)

Jörg Peters (Oldenburg)       

Stefan Rabanus (Verona)                  

Ingrid Schröder (Hamburg)         

Peter Wiesinger (Wien)